Kit de Substituição para Kits Top e Bottom

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Perdeu seu saquinho que veio com o seu ATLAS? Precisa de mais almofadas de fricção ou um parafuso de substituição? Esta bolsa tem tudo!

Aqui está o que está dentro do saco:

  • 2 parafusos (cada versão do ATLAS usa um parafuso diferente)
  • Chave Allen
  • Todas as três espessuras de pastilhas de fricção (2 de cada tamanho)
  • Almofada de limpeza de álcool e adesivos
IMPORTANTE: Existem 3 versões diferentes do ATLAS Throttle Lock:
  • Gloss Black/Polished Botão duplo
  • Matte Black Botão duplo
  • Único botão

Por favor, certifique-se de pedir o Kit de Substituição correto. As versões Gloss Black / Polished possuem parafusos M3, enquanto as unidades Matte Black e Único botão têm parafusos 4-40. Se você tiver alguma dúvida, envie um email para para obter instruções.


Abaixo estão algumas imagens do Gloss Black/Polished Botão duplo ATLAS. Observe como os botões foram polidos em todas essas unidades.

Abaixo estão algumas imagens de  Matte Black Botão duplo ATLAS. Observe como os botões não foram polidos nessas unidades.

Abaixo está uma imagem do nosso único botão ATLAS

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Opinião dos consumidores

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Jim Stein
WARNING- Please read!

Heard a lot about the Atlas for a couple years but didn’t know anyone who had one. I had a little extra dough and decided this was my next add on for my longer trips. Ordered on Amazon for full retail where I received it in a plastic bag with an Amazon sticker on it reading I’ve given it a second life. Opened the bag to find the finish in many spots chipped off and one new screw and the other clearly worn. No pad kit and one thin pad already adhered. Based on this condition I contacted Amazon who provided a discount. I take full responsibility here as I accepted it thinking it was all metal and the finish didn’t matter on a dual sport bike. Ended up spending several hours over three days and watching the Atlas install video and many others only to keep seeing it not mount straight. In an attempt to make it work, I ordered a parts kit which didn’t change the fit. In the end determined the metal pressure pad was bent out. Assuming the original owner tweaked it to work on their bike, but not helping mine. Also, believe but not sure the jaw appeared to bowed out which I am assuming was from over tightening it by the previous owner. Because of the custom bend mine had none of the new pads from the parts kit would fit. The Atlas itself appears well made and thought out. Just based on the above experience and not knowing what an unaltered one should be shaped like, think the lower jaw being wider would alleviate the twisting from less tool/tech savvy folks. I should have just returned it and ordered directly, hopefully having a straight forward install? My fault not Atlas as far as I know and would rather others not go through my experience. Just purchase from Atlas or MC knowledgeable place who would have never looked at mine in its condition and sent it out. Didn’t want to give full stars and can’t give just one. Sadly, in an attempt to get products out many manufacturers have to rely on vendors who can ultimately change the value and quality of the end user experience.

Follow Up: 12/21/22
After writing the above review a couple weeks passed when I noticed an email from Atlas. It was from Josh and informed me he wanted to make things right. I informed him this was on me as I made the decision to keep the used lock for a discounted price. Josh said he understood but that Atlas believes in their product, so much so that he would send me a brand new one as Atlas doesn’t want customers having a bad experience no matter where they purchased it. He informed me the used product should have never been kept in circulation for this very reason as by vendors doing this can adversely affect their pristine reputation.

Within three days of our email comms, a brand new Atlas top mount throttle lock came in the mail. When I opened the package not only did it contain the throttle lock but also a brand new complete parts kit. Josh and the folks at Atlas paid such close attention to my review and interaction they included the parts kit I purchased to make my original used lock work. Within 5 minutes the lock was on! No bending, tweaking or twisting as it went on. One time install and done!

Here’s the warning… Unless you are purchasing a non safety related item or have a clear understanding of the product never settle for a “discount” as you just have no idea what’s really wrong with it. During my initial purchase I figured I’d buy on Amazon for fast shipping, when in reality I waited longer for it than the new one Atlas sent me.

This experience has restored my faith in good folks, good products, good brands and amazing customer service. Atlas is clearly dedicated to their customers and standing behind a useful, well engineered, durable and responsibly packaged product.

Much respect for Josh and all the folks at Atlas! If you are in the market for a “cruise control” I say look no further buy the Atlas!

Lee Thorne

An excellent product for all true bikers and an excellent experience outstanding service from Josh above and beyond 👏.

Dan R
Great product, awesome customer service.

Installed the bottom kit on a Gen 1 (2006) KLR 650.

Rarely do you find a company who stands by their product and answers questions quickly and thoroughly. Atlas is that company.

The throttle lock is well engineered and innovative. It actually works as advertised.

This companies customer service is outstanding.

Jeffrey Martin
Easy to install

Easy to install and use while riding a great item for my bike

Michael Daily
Customer service

Great product and I was happily surprised with the customer service.

Great product

Great product and easy to use
All metal construction
Very durable

Lloyd Larimore
Repair kit

Fast and easy fix

Louis Higgins

I purchased an Atlas unit to use on my Triumph Tiger about 5 years ago. It mounted easily and works well. I attempted to remove it from the Tiger and reinstall it on my BMW, but wasn't successful. I just bought a kit they sell to make it like new. It includes 2 new screws and several more pads. I shouldn't have needed to buy it, but I misplaced the extra parts that come with a new one. My mistake!
Anyway, I've rebuilt the original and now it's like new again. I'd recommend this for any motorcycle without a cruise control.

Chad Dubuisson
Brought things right back into working order

The replacement kit had everything I needed to get my ATLAS throttle lock back into working order. I initially installed one of the smaller pads thinking that would work correctly, but soon realized after a couple of months that it wasn't quite grabbing like it should, I couldn't find the rest of the pads after a couple of months, so this replacement kit got be back in business..

Dusty Foglesong

This throttle lock works perfect. I've had others and this product is far superior to anything I've ever used. Will be "Gifting" a few for the holidays. Excellent product.