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Everything on your Harley was designed to cruise on the most beautiful roads in America… everything except for the throttle thumb screw. Don’t use that janky, antiquated “throttle lock” while flying down the road at 75mph. Trash that thing and use the ATLAS Throttle Lock instead. You’ll thank yourself every time you use it. Did you know that the plastic thumb screw was originally meant to help warm up the old carbureted Harleys?

The ATLAS Throttle Lock works perfectly on your Harley, we guarantee it. The black coated or polished stainless steel lends itself to the clean look of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you’re planning on leading a group ride to Sturgis, be sure to have an ATLAS to maintain a steady pace for the other riders. They will thank you.

Top Kit vs. Bottom Kit

Top Kit

Você vai querer um Top Kit se:

Há menos de 1,5 polegadas (38 mm) de folga entre o tanque e a carcaça do acelerador na curva completa para a direita.

Há um fio de aderência aquecido que sai da metade inferior do flange de aderência de borracha.

Bottom Kit

Você vai querer um Bottom Kit se:

Há um fio de aderência aquecido que sai da metade superior do flange de aderência de borracha.

Não há outras interferências. A maioria das motocicletas poderá usar o Bottom Kit.

How to Determine Fitment

Will it fit your motorcycle?

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Passos para determinar a adaptação

Step 1: Check for adequate spacing for the ATLAS between the throttle housing and the grip flange.

All you need is a gap of 2.5 mm or greater between the grip and the throttle housing. That's roughly 3 thick bank cards wide. If you need more space than this, you can most likely pull back your grip flange to gain the room needed. Please play the video under the section "Will it for your motorcycle" and scroll to 33 seconds. This will show you how to pull the grip flange back.

Step 2: Use our 'Make, Model and Year' search tool to locate your motorcycle. The search tool will show you exactly which unit to purchase. If you can't find your motorcycle, please click the Contate-nos button below. We are happy to help you make this decision.

If you can't find your model and you know which kit you need, select 'Other' in the 'Model' section to gain access to all kits.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Você gostaria de mais ajuda para determinar qual ATLAS Throttle Lock seria melhor para sua motocicleta?

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Model Specific Notes

Model Specific Videos

Incluído no Kit

Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS on many different motorcycles.

  • Installation Instruction
  • T10 Torx L-Key
  • 2 - M3 Bolts with thread locker
  • 4 - Slide-on Friction Pads
  • 1 - ATLAS Key
  • Stickers

Almofadas de fricção

Everything you need to know about using the friction pads with the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

Almofadas de fricção são necessárias.
The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to be used with friction pads. Friction pads can last 60,000 miles or more as long as you choose the right pad for your bike. You will also preserve your pad by avoiding any contact with your throttle housing’s sharp seam. This is explained in our installation instructions.
Qual almofada de fricção você deve usar?
The friction pads come in 4 different thicknesses. You will only need to apply one pad to your ATLAS. Watch our installation videos and follow the instructions to determine which friction pad works best.
Are the friction pads adjustable?
Yes, they are! The pegs at the end of the friction pads have 2 equally spaced notches which can be cut off to move the friction pad away from the throttle housing’s curved ridge. This is explained in our installation instructions.

Installing the ATLAS Throttle Lock

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The ATLAS Throttle Lock was built for adventure and motorcycle touring.

O ATLAS Throttle Lock lhe dará as capacidades de cruzeiro que sua motocicleta perdeu desde o primeiro dia. Vá mais longe com o ATLAS em seu próximo passeio em grupo, acampamento de moto ou Iron Butt Rally
You may be wondering if the ATLAS can handle everything you have planned for it. Rest assured, we have riders actively circumnavigating the planet with the ATLAS. You are in good company, no matter which continent you're on. We're out there riding with you! Find our channel on Youtube

Opinião dos consumidores

Based on 753 reviews
Joe M.
Just what I needed

Although not many long straight roads here in Tasmania, definitely on a long ride I much appreciate giving the throttle hand a break for 10 to 20 seconds, fairly easy to fit the mechanism and works a treat!!

Mark Hayes

Well made and does the job as promised.

Russell Parker
Just what I was looking for on those long rides

Awesome & easy

Robert Kestner

ATLAS Throttle Lock


i bought two of them. We rode from Argentina to Alaska, 18500Km. Indispensable and worked perfectly throughout the entire journey.

Kenneth Owen
that's a mighty strong grip you got their.

I got this grip to deal with long distance hand fatigue. It works. It's easy to install. As it turns out I'm not a huge fan of using it. It works 100% as promised and I think it's great value for the price. I'm just using it less then expected. It still requires constant adjustments as the wind buffets you or inclines change. I never realized how many micro corrections I actually make. It has a place on my bike but it's not as beneficial as I had expected. If you go in with clear expectations you will be satisfied with the value.

Justin Geisel
Throttle lock BMW GS 1200

Love the simplicity of this product. Even after a crash was able to bend the parts back and make operable. God send for right wrist nerve damage

Little Mule
It does what it’s designed to do…no more and no less

This is a mechanical throttle lock and works as designed. I should had bought the bottom kit for my particular setup, and I hope to buy a couple more for my dual sport and my wife’s motorcycle.

Good to go!

Helps save my hand for a few minutes at a time on my KLR.

Jacob Toolen
2019 Tracer 900 - Works Great!

Initially bought a top kit but when it didn't fit I was able to exchange it for a bottom kit with no issues. Installed this summer and used it on my first Lake Superior Circle Tour, along with a lot of local rides in Michigan. Great product, easy to install and use, low profile. Especially on flat roads or long stretches of superslab its a wonder to have. Very satisfied and would recommend.